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Child contact in the holidays-have you got it sorted?

The half-term holiday is looming followed by Easter at the end of March. Don’t leave it too late to reach an agreement on any child contact issues. Divorce and separation are both highly stressful and life-changing events for parents and their children. The changes in child living arrangements as a result of divorce and separation […]

Child contact and separated families at Christmas

Your first family Christmas following divorce or separation may take some getting used to. You may feel anxious as the holiday approaches. Certain rituals and traditions will take on a different feeli...

Holiday contact for absent parents

With the summer holidays rapidly approaching, mothers and fathers, guardians and grandparents will be thinking about the arrangements that will take place concerning the children having contact with t...

Foster Care Fortnight 2017

Foster Care Fortnight is an annual awareness-raising campaign, produced by the charity The Fostering Network. It is running from Monday 8th to Sunday 21st May 2017. Becoming a foster carer The aims of...

Child contact and separated families at Easter

Half term is here already and for some of you with child contact issues Easter is looming along with any contact related problems. Creating a Parenting Agreement for this period can provide a mutuall...

Update on Prenuptial Agreements

There has been further case law in relation to prenuptial agreements. These are valuable instruments when an individual wishes to protect their wealth when entering into a marriage. The recent case of...

Good Divorce Week

Resolution is a community of family justice professionals working with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way. Members follow a Code of Practice that promotes a constructive ...

National Adoption Week 2016

National Adoption Week runs from the 17th October to the 23rd October 2016. The week aims to highlight the need to find families for the thousands of vulnerable children in our society who need to fin...

Grandparents rights

It is a sad truth that when families are separated, not only does the non-resident parent have to come to terms with a new arrangement but grandparents are very often affected too.  Unlike parents, g...

Honesty is always the best policy

During the divorce process, one of the most emotive elements can be the exchange of financial information between the parties.  It cannot be assumed that all married couples conduct their financial a...

Planning for the school holidays

With the school summer holidays on their way separated families will be turning their attention to planning for the school holidays and contact arrangements. The best method of reaching an agreement o...

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