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Christmas Party Reminder and Warning

Christmas party template

Whilst the office Christmas party is a chance for us all to unwind and have an evening of fun before you get carried away with the eggnog, mistletoe and sherry remember that the Christmas party is a work activity and an extension of work time and therefore your actions would be considered to be ‘in the course of your employment’. Therefore all [Insert Company] employees must abide by the Company rules. Please refer to the Company Handbook.

Whilst we would hope that common sense would prevail and we would not have to remind you unfortunately individuals can get complacent particularly when drinking which can lead to problems lurking underneath the mistletoe for the [HR department/Senior Management] and therefore here are a few reminders and warnings so that you do not end up speaking to the Grinch this festive season:


For those that drink whilst it is nice to have a little tipple or a glass or two of something to celebrate, there is no need to go overboard. We encourage you to drink and act responsibly. Be respectful to those who do not drink and please ensure that you respect your colleagues.

Please note that excessive drinking will not be tolerated and nor will harassment, drink-fuelled rants or any inappropriate behaviour towards colleagues. Whilst we all love to blame the alcohol for our behaviour please drink responsibly and act respectfully otherwise you could end up being disciplined for your conduct. If you notice a colleague acting inappropriately or if a colleague is acting inappropriately towards you please notify a manager immediately.

Social Media

Whilst party banter continues after the party and everyone loves to share the evening’s events and photographs on emails, facebook, twitter and other avenues of Social Media all employees should be mindful of inappropriate conversations taking place through these channels. Inappropriate behaviour via social media will not be tolerated. Any harassment, bullying or inappropriate behaviour via social media could result in disciplinary action. We therefore ask you to be respectful to your colleagues and act responsibly if posting, making comments or uploading photos from the night on your social media.

Furthermore, do not post pictures or make comments which could potentially place the Company or a colleague in disrepute. Stop and think if you would be happy about that photo being posted or comment being made about you.


Whilst we may accept that you will suffer from a slightly fuzzy head the next day. A hangover which prevents you from coming to work on the next morning or even on the Monday morning will not be accepted. If you fail to attend work on the next morning or the Monday morning following the Christmas party without a genuine reason (sheer embarrassment is not an acceptable reason) then the normal disciplinary rules will be applied in relation to your unauthorised absence.

Religious Sensitivities

Please bear in mind that not everyone celebrates this holiday. Please respect your colleague’s beliefs and act responsibly. Be careful what you say and how you say it. Whilst you may not consider your comments to be discriminatory the individual the comment is made to may not take it that way so be mindful of what you say and do. Discrimination (whether intended or not) on the basis of religious belief will not be tolerated and any discriminatory comments made could be the subject of disciplinary action.

Secret Santa

Most people love secret santa and whilst it is a great way to keep costs down and get everyone involved please be aware that inappropriate gifts which cause offence will not be tolerated. Please be mindful, respectful and act responsibly when purchasing and exchanging secret Santa presents. Whilst it may seem funny to you to send a sexual toy the person receiving the gift may not see the funny side. Inappropriate sexual remarks or gifts will not be tolerated and could result in disciplinary action.


As stated please be mindful, respectful and act responsibly. Please note that discrimination (whether intended or not) on the basis of sexual orientation, race, gender, disability, religious belief will not be tolerated. Please note that disciplinary action could be taken if an individual is found to have discriminated against a colleague. Disciplinary action could also be taken for aggressive behaviour, inappropriate sexual remarks or behaviour, any discriminatory comments or harassment in anyway. You may be asked to leave the party and you may be banned from attending future events.


We want everyone to enjoy the Christmas party all we ask is that you are mindful of your colleagues and that you act responsibly and act respectfully. If any employee is found to have been acting inappropriately then we will take action as per the Company handbook. Please refer to the Company handbook regarding disciplinary procedures.


If you suffer any inappropriate, unwanted or discriminatory behaviour at the Christmas party please notify a Manager immediately and/or follow the grievance procedure policy set out in the Company handbook.

We trust such action will not be necessary and that you will all act responsibility, respectfully and with common sense.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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