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Learning at work

Learning at work is very different from learning in a school or college. I started my apprenticeship in Marketing at Kidwells at the beginning of 2017. Since day one, I have learned lots of new skills and gained real life experience.

In my family, I have always been the creative one with good attention to detail. I love designing, taking photos and videos. I had no idea that one day I could turn my hobby into a job. I didn’t want to be an artist.

I decided to start my career as an apprentice because I knew that at the end of the day, all employers are looking for someone with experience and I have a lot of learning to do. I have never worked in marketing before, therefore most of the skills needed I had to learn on the job. It was my very first job and an exciting opportunity to learn while I earn.

Despite starting my job with some experience using Adobe Creative Suite, every day I learn new technical things that I didn’t know existed before. It’s very satisfying when I can make something work the way I want it to work though. I feel like this is what makes work more fun – exploring new ways of doing things every day instead of doing the same.

The software that I work with on a daily basis includes:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • WordPress
  • Microsoft Office Package

Business and administration

I feel like I have improved my communication skills and gained a lot of confidence so far at Kidwells. Everyone here is respectful and there is no bullying, unlike in college. Work has also helped me understand how organisations work from an internal perspective.  As my apprenticeship is in Business and Administration, there is a lot of the business side that I need to learn on top of what I actually do at work.

Some of my business and administration roles include:

  • Gathering data
  • Website content
  • Marketing reports
  • Website updating
  • Converting company forms into gravity forms

I like being around my colleagues. There is so much you can learn just by being surrounded by a group of experienced people. We tend to start working on all our little projects individually but always finish discussing it together in a group. We always value each other’s opinion and find that this gives us the best outcomes. I like working independently but I can see the benefits of working in a group as well. It is a great way of coming up with fresh ideas!

An average day at work

On an average day at work, I spend my time:

  • Creating promotional videos
  • Developing artwork for press advertisement, leaflets, booklets, posters and more
  • Designing logos
  • Developing presentations
  • Designing and updating websites
  • Coming up with content for social media

Last month I had been given a big project to work on independently which included designing a brand from scratch and coming up with marketing content and strategies. It was the first time I designed a brand and as easy as it might sound, it was not. Looking back at what I have created, I am very proud and excited for the product to launch.  It was definitely worth the time and hard work.

Working in marketing is fun.  I can be working on videos all week and then suddenly I need to design a newspaper advert.  My job roles change constantly around things I enjoy and I love the that.

I feel like I learn something new every single day. Whether it’s a practical or technical skill, I am happy to be surrounded by people who are happy to invest their time to share their knowledge with me.

Paulina Mucha

“We accept that all apprentices and those learning at work need a certain level of support and coaching from their employers – especially those who have recently left school or college and have little or no work experience. We are happy to invest the time: “We chose carefully and were keen to find someone who was interested in marketing and had the right skills. We have been very lucky with Paulina and want her to be happy here and to stay with us. As time goes on, she is working increasingly independently and now takes responsibility for her own projects.”

Alex Hempton-Smith, Marketing Manager

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Miss Fairclough was professional, efficient and pleasant beyond expectations. A credit to your firm.

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Their help and sincere support was priceless and I really felt my solicitor cared. I really can’t thank them enough. I will be fully recommending the professionals at Kidwells.

Employment & HR Department 

On behalf of the Charity, I have been asked to thank you for your excellent professional and personable service which has greatly helped us in a successful recruitment campaign.