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UK Government Triggers Article 50

What’s on the horizon?

The long-awaited day finally arrived – ‘29 March 2017’. The day Theresa May and her Government have formally initiated Article 50 to begin negotiations to exit the European Union.

What is Article 50 you may be asking?

Article 50 originates from the Treaty of Lisbon. It gives EU members the right to exit as well as the instructions on how to do so. Now that the UK has initiated Article 50, we have two years to negotiate an exit deal. After the two years, the UK could obtain an extension of time, but to do so it would need permission from the remaining 27 member states.

What’s the procedure going forward?

As the UK negotiates with the European Union they will be addressing different elements to obtain the best deal possible for the UK. The UK will be discussing trade deals, immigration and specifically how it may affect EU nationals living within the UK and Britsh citizens living within Europe. Along with this, the UK will be leaving the European Court of Justice. There is a great deal to discuss within this relatively short timeframe.

  • 29 March 2017
    UK initiates Article 50
  • 29 April 2017
    EU Summit – remaining EU member states will meet and discuss what they do and don’t want from Brexit.
  • December 2017
    EU Chief negotiator expects initial discussion for UK exiting Europe to conclude
  • September 2018
    UK would be looking to finalise terms of agreement for exiting the EU.
  • Late 2018 and early 2019
    Houses of Parliament and European Council will be looking to vote on any deal.
  • March 2019
    The two-year window comes to an end. If it is not extended further the UK would leave with or without an agreement.


Over the years since the UK has been part of the European Union, we have had the benefit of free movement. The ability to cross borders without restrictions for work and leisure has always been the main focus point. Now that the UK is seeking to restrict its border, it would also be looking to find the best deal for people on both sides.

The UK has a large community of economic migrants from the European Union. Many have now settled in the UK and class it as their home. The coming months will see what package the UK Government can deliver to benefit EU migrants living within the UK.

If you or anyone is affected by Brexit, please get in touch with our Immigration Solicitors who are able to provide free, time-unlimited consultations.

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