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European Workers & Family of European Nationals – worried about your rights?

European workers within the UK have increased in number as time has gone on, spurred on by two additional countries joining in 2007 – Romania and Bulgaria.

As many businesses within the UK rely on workers who come from the European Economic Area (EEA), it is understandable that people are worried for themselves and for the business since ‘Brexit’. In a nutshell, nothing has changed since the vote to exit from the EEA and no conditions have been put on EEA migrants.

The UK government is not telling people to leave or stopping people from entering the UK. Until the government provides plans and processes in exiting the UK, as solicitors we would best be in a position to advise when we become aware of the government’s plans.

So what can European workers, or extended family members of an EEA national, do now?

As specialist Immigration Solicitors we will be able to assist your business and individuals in applying for the right to remain within the UK.

At Kidwells Solicitors we aim to provide our clients with the best level of service to ensure that all their immigration needs are fulfilled. We are able to assist you throughout the process and through to appeal if required.

Speak to our Immigration team for free, 24 hours a day.

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