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Wills & Probate

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Wills & Trusts

A will is perhaps the most important document you will execute. If you die without making a will, it is left to the law to determine who inherits your property and who will administer your estate. This may not be how you would prefer the situation and may have unwanted consequences.

Having the right components in your will brings peace of mind ensuring that loved ones are provided for in the manner you want.  You may also wish to consider tax issues and whether any other lifetime planning is appropriate for your circumstances.

You may wish to appoint your own chosen trustees for your estate.  Off the shelf wills are readily available elsewhere but rarely provide for more than the simplest estate devolution. A bespoke Will, tailored to meet your exact requirements is an important consideration to bring peace of mind for the correct disbursement of your estate after your death.

It is important that you review your Will every few years to ensure that it keeps pace with changes in the law and your personal circumstances.


What our clients say

Family Department 

I cannot thank Nicola enough, she made a massive difference to my experience. I was dreading having to communicate on days when I am ill. However, she used her abundant skills to analyse me, to identify good days and was extremely proactive in carrying out home visits when she assessed I was well enough to take on the information she would be sharing. – Mrs Green

Wills & Probate Department 

No need to improve. I came away feeling very happy to have contacted you!

Employment & HR Department 

We have used Kidwells for any assistance we have needed regarding employment law and HR for many years now. Whether it be a small query or a requirement for them to come into the business to assist in a difficult employment situation they are always reliable and discreet.