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Wills & Probate

Your future affairs are safe in our hands

Your future affairs are safe in our hands

We understand that estate planning can be difficult and worrying to think about. However, it is important to organise your affairs and have full control over what happens to your assets.

Our Wills and Probate team can provide you with information and advice and we will continue our support for as long as you need us.

We promise to be polite, professional and to offer you advice based on your individual needs.

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Contentious Probate

If the terms of a Will are contested, this can be a fraught and highly emotional time. We provide calm, considered advice to help you reach the solutions which are right for you.

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New Inheritance Tax Allowances – how does it apply to you?

Inheritance tax allowances have been changed with the eagerly anticipated Residential Nil Rate Band came into effect on 6 April 2017. It acts as an additional allowance for anyone passing a qualifying...

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LPAs for those who might need a little help – World Down Syndrome Day

Today is the 12th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day. The date for WDSD being the 21st day of the 3rd month, was selected to signify the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromo...

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After Death Factsheet

When someone dies it can be a very emotional time and this can make it hard to know what you need to do next. In the first few days after death, you must obtain a medical certificate from a GP or a do...

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Estate Planning – Do you have a valid Will?

If you die without having a valid Will in place, the Rules of Intestacy will determine how your estate will be distributed. You may be surprised to learn that the Rules of Intestacy do not cater for u...

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Employment & HR Department 

We have used Kidwells for any assistance we have needed regarding employment law and HR for many years now. Whether it be a small query or a requirement for them to come into the business to assist in a difficult employment situation that are always reliable and discreet.

Wills & Probate Department 

No need to improve. I came away feeling very happy to have contacted you!

Wills & Probate Department 

Thank you for your understanding and your advice was invaluable.