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SRA Investigations

An SRA investigation is undoubtedly the one major concern for legal practitioners. Not only does an investigation cause enormous stress and anxiety to an individual, it results in major disruption within the practice, and the long-term implications themselves are potentially catastrophic.

We appreciate how daunting an investigation by the SRA can be, but it is not to be ignored or taken lightly. If you receive an “Explanation With Warnings” “EWW” Letter from the SRA, you should seek advice and assistance immediately.

The EWW requires a response within 14 days of receipt and will form the basis of any explanation and defence that you wish to present to an allegation made. Therefore it is vital that this response is formulated in a detailed, yet coherent and precise manner.

At Kidwells, we are well versed in mechanics of an SRA investigation and are here to provide you with the necessary support and guidance during the process.

We are able to assist with:

  • Review of the Complaint.
  • Drafting of the “EWW”
  • Corresponding with the SRA on your behalf.
  • Help with the preparation of your case at investigation stage and if the matter is referred to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal,  including interviewing potential witnesses and case strategy.
  • Representation at the Tribunal Hearing.

At Kidwells, we have intimate knowledge of the process, and firmly believe that no one should have to face any allegations alone.

Contact us in complete confidence with your enquiries.

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