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Handling Complaints

Unfortunately, complaints by clients are an inevitable part of legal practice. The right to complain about professional services cannot be denied to a client, as we pride our profession upon the notions of transparency and accountability.

The majority of complaints can be addressed in a relatively straightforward manner, usually resolved by a simple telephone call to the client and the necessary action taken immediately.

However, there are times when the complaint is much more serious, and if not handled correctly can have very serious consequences for an individual solicitor and the practice at large. Our experience shows us that the majority of complaints that result in the involvement of the SRA, and even the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, are as result of complaints not being handled correctly in the first place, and a result, the client has had to escalate the complaint due to an unsatisfactory outcome of the initial complaint.

At Kidwells, we understand the pressures involved in running a law firm, and appreciate that complaints are not addressed as fully as maybe they should be not out of any malice or incompetence, but simply through a lack of time and resources in being able to deal with the complaint in the prescribed manner.

Complaint handling is time-consuming and eats into valuable costs and resources in a firm. However, they have to be addressed, otherwise what may have started as an issue that could have been resolved relatively easily from the outset, may end up having serious implications for your firm.

We offer a complaints handling service, whereby one of our experienced lawyers will take over the management of the complaint for you.

This will involve:

  • Review of the complaint.
  • Liaising with the parties in order to identify issues and desired outcomes.
  • Providing of a clear opinion and if necessary a next steps plan to resolve the issueEnsure all parties are satisfied with the outcome.
  • Ensure all parties are satisfied with the outcome.

Benefits to you and your firm:

  • Saving of time in not having to deal with the complaint.
  • Maintaining of integrity with the client by initiating an independent review of the complaint.
  • Greater chance of client retention as the complaint is being handled in an efficient manner.
  • Saving significant costs and potential disciplinary action in the long run.

What our clients say

Wills & Probate Department 

No need to improve, I came away feeling very happy to have contacted you. Thank you.

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Miss Fairclough was professional, efficient and pleasant beyond expectations. A credit to your firm.

Wills & Probate Department 

Thank you for your understanding and your advice was invaluable.