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Proactive approaches to conflict

Professional Negligence

Don’t be the one to suffer if a professional fails to carry out their duties

Professional negligence claims have to follow a strict pre-action protocol stage and are often complex claims.

Legal advice is, therefore, essential.

Such claims arise where you appointed somebody to advise you in a professional capacity but they have failed to carry out their duties as they were engaged to do so, for example:

  • a surveyor
  • architect
  • solicitor
  • accountant

As a result you suffer financial loss. For example, a surveyor overvaluing a property where the true value is substantially less.

Kidwells are specialists in the area of professional negligence and will be able to assess your claim’s potential. We can also identify any breach of duty on the part of the professional.

If you wish to pursue a claim we will prepare a detailed letter of claim to the professional, who will usually pass it on to their insurers.

Of course we will always aim to agree on a settlement without the need for trial although we have the experience to take the claim to trial if no other resolution is available.

What our clients say

Wills & Probate Department 

Excellent, friendly, efficient service. Thank you.

Family Department 

I cannot thank Nicola enough, she made a massive difference to my experience. I was dreading having to communicate on days when I am ill. However, she used her abundant skills to analyse me, to identify good days and was extremely proactive in carrying out home visits when she assessed I was well enough to take on the information she would be sharing. – Mrs Green

Wills & Probate Department 

Thank you for your understanding and your advice was invaluable.