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Tier Visa System in the UK

The United Kingdom’s points-based 5 tier visa system is the main immigration route for migrants from outside the European Economic Area to come to the UK to either work, study, invest or train.

Applicants must pass a points-based assessment in order to be eligible for a visa in any of the five tier visa system . In work visa applications, points are generally awarded according to the applicant’s ability, experience and age. For the application to be successful, individuals must reach a points score more than the minimum threshold. However, the minimum number of points required varies for each tier.

Most migrants will require a Certificate of Sponsorship in order to be successful in their applications under the 5 Tier system.  A Sponsorship Licence can be applied for depending on the nature of your business. Our Immigration team can advise on what Licence your business should be considering.

The current Tier process applicable to businesses is :

  • TIER 2 : General – Skilled Workers; Intra-Company Transfer; Sportsperson; Minister of Religion
  • TIER 4 : General – Adult Students; Child
  • TIER 5 TEMPORARY WORKER : Creative and Sporting; Charity Worker; Religious Worker; International Agreement; Government Authorised Exchange

The application process is done online for which we can either complete on the applicant’s behalf or provide the support required.

The UKBA may visit your company before reaching a decision. It is essential that all employees, paperwork and records relating to your company are available on the date of inspection for which we would advise you on compliance to ensure that this goes smoothly.

Once a Sponsorship Licence has been granted a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) may be granted by the UKBA as per the employer’s request.

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