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Cohabitation Agreements & Disputes

The process of drawing up a cohabitation agreement can provide clarity and guidelines for the relationship between you and your partner. It can also make things easier and less painful in the event of a break up.

The cohabitation agreement will be unique to you, taking account of your personal circumstances. It is important therefore that you have the opportunity to sit down with your partner and discuss all the issues that might arise in your relationship. Our friendly Family Law solicitors are experienced in this type of situation and can help prompt thoughtful discussion.

The agreement can help provide guidelines on the way you wish to live within your partnership – however in the event of a break up, and you are not able to sort matters out amicably, you may be able to use a cohabitation agreement in a legal setting, providing it meets the legal criteria that apply to contracts.  It is therefore important that you seek legal advice when drafting your agreement.


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