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Equestrian Law

Legal support for horse owners, trainers and riders

Equestrian Contracts

Buying & Selling Horses

Buying and selling horses is often done verbally or on a handshake. However, if you are unfortunate enough to find that the horse you have bought is unsatisfactory, not fit for purpose or that the seller has misrepresented the characteristics of the horse, then it can be difficult to prove what was agreed at the time of sale. In order to ensure disputes on purchase are minimized, we recommend a written contract between the parties and can assist you to draft a bespoke legal agreement detailing the terms of your transaction.

Loan & Share Agreements

If you are thinking of loaning or sharing a horse, for this arrangement to work well the parties need to agree on their responsibilities and ensure all eventualities are planned for. Our Equestrian specialists can assist you by advising you on risks and responsibilities and drawing up a written agreement to ensure the terms you have agreed are clear & protect owner, loaner and horse.

Livery Agreements

Whether you are a business offering livery services or a horse owner using livery, our equestrian lawyers can assist you by preparing a bespoke agreement between yard and horse owner to reflect the specific services, facilities, financials and special terms you have agreed.

Grazing Rights

Allowing horse owners to graze their animals on your land is a great way of securing an income, but a formal approach to this arrangement giving rights over your land is advisable. There are different types of agreement governing horse grazing arrangements and our specialist equestrian lawyers can advise you on what is most appropriate for you and fomalise a written agreement to ensure you retain the control of your land.

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