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Equestrian Law

Legal support for horse owners, trainers and riders

Legal support for horse owners, trainers and riders

Equine Law covers an increasingly broad spectrum of issues associated with the world of Equestrian pursuits and business.

At Kidwells, we have the technical expertise and practical equine knowledge to offer our clients a truly personal and specialist Equestrian Law service.

The Equestrian industry traditionally operates on verbal agreements. Although these are legally binding, they are difficult to prove in the absence of written evidence. Our Equestrian specialists can provide bespoke legal advice and assistance for all Equestrian matters including:

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in a disagreement regarding a contractual arrangement involving a horse, or find yourself in dispute regarding equestrian services provided to you perhaps say, a vet or farrier, our equestrian litigators have the expertise to assist you to find a resolution.

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