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Employment & HR

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Recruitment and Retention

An able and willing workforce is key to any successful business. Replacing staff is costly and disruptive.  High staff turnover can lower morale and productivity.

By starting out with the right steps you can match the best individual to the role and help them make it their own long-term. Selecting the right employee and keeping them is not a matter of luck.

Let Kidwells support you through your recruitment process, be protected against claims that can form at interview stage such as discrimination and make sure your not breaching any previous employment restrictive covenants. Learn how to obtain useful references and how to use them effectively.

Kidwells will guide you through the stages of recruitment at whatever level you deem necessary, from email advice to onsite conduct of interviews. The support will include:

  • Preparing a job description
  • Handling interviews fairly
  • Checking candidates credentials
  • Successful inductions
  • On the job training
  • Pay, promotion and appraisals
  • Employee engagement
  • Personnel files

Should you require any assistance or wish to discuss further please contact us HERE.

What our clients say

Employment & HR Department 

It’s been a stressful 12 months but I can move on now and it wouldn’t have been possible without your expertise so, thank you very much. – Paul

Family Department 

Their help and sincere support was priceless and I really felt my solicitor cared. I really can’t thank them enough. I will be fully recommending the professionals at Kidwells.

Employment & HR Department 

We have used Kidwells for any assistance we have needed regarding employment law and HR for many years now. Whether it be a small query or a requirement for them to come into the business to assist in a difficult employment situation they are always reliable and discreet.